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"Thinking outside of the tepee"-Alvin Windy Boy


NHPA Compliance & Cultural Sensitivity Training

Established in 2016, iResponse provides tribes with the ability to conduct effective and efficient NHPA Reviews and Section 106 Consultations as a part of the National Historic Preservation Act.


Our mission is to provide access to iResponse tool to people, especially to the Chippewa Creek tribe members. We educate and offer other resources to the general public and industries through various learning methods like training, tours, and consultations.


Our Mission

iResponse exists to make it easy to preserve, defend, & protect Tribal lands, historic sites, religious sites, and areas of cultural significance.

Our goal is to become the main conduit for industries and other tribes that may be understaffed or underfunded so they can use the iResponse tool to keep track of projects that require Section 106 consultations quickly. We want to gain trust among other tribes and industries.


About Our CEO Alvin Windy Boy Sr.

Alvin Windy Boy Sr. is the CEO of iResponse and is a former chairman of the Chippewa tribe, where he served for 12 years. Once he got out of the council, he was appointed as the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the tribe. The Chippewa tribe has ten states that fall within its ancestral homelands.

Upcoming Events

7/30/20 - Coming Soon

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The ease of checking the status of TCNS projects online sets iResponse apart.

- AquaAeTer Inc


106 consultations used to be such a tedious process; but iResponse has made it easy.

- Eastern Shoshone Tribe


I love the interactive capabilities and the fact that we can see where our projects are in the review process.

- Trileaf Corp

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