What is iResponse?

Cultural Sensitivity Training

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA) requires federal agencies to consider the effects on historic properties of projects they carry out, assist, fund, permit, license, or approve throughout the country.

Federal Assisted Project

If a federal or federally-assisted project has the potential to affect historic properties, a Section 106 review shall take place. Section 106 gives tribes, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, interested parties, and the public the chance to weigh in on these matters before the final decision is made.

This process is an essential tool for tribal members and citizens to lend their voice in protecting and maintaining historic properties in their communities. The tool allows tribes to effectively and efficiently initiate and track the process.

What Does iResponse Do?

  • Saves time and reduces paperwork
  • Accepted by government & industry
  • Thousands of successful consultations
  • Allows monitoring of entire process & documents tasks